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About MyEcollar

MyEcollar was invented because our beloved dog, Reggie, would often go on adventures in the neighborhood and return home without her tags. Worrying that this made it impossible for anyone to identify her, coupled with the constant sight of posted lost pet signs, inspired us to develop a reliable and inexpensive solution.

After months of research, we created a simple and affordable retrieval system. We call it MyEcollar because it effectively allows a pet owner to use the power of the internet to reunite with their lost pet.

Our goal is to provide 'peace of mind' in the unfortunate event your pet is ever lost. With a MyEcollar system, you never have to worry about your lost pet ending up unidentified in an animal shelter. Our system does not rely on third party involvement, such as microchip readers. Whoever finds your pet can contact you by email and text in a matter of seconds, without ever having access to your cell phone number or email address.

We actively support pet rescue organizations and we understand the financial burden many of them face. Our PAW-TNERS program puts 'our money where our mouth is'. With every on-line purchase of a MyEcollar with a PAW-TNERS code, a generous portion of the revenue is sent to that organization.

Thank you!


Beverly, John and the team at MyEcollar LLC

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MyEcollar is committed to provide the best service and the best value. We rely on customer feedback to improve our service. We would appreciate receiving comments from your personal experience and any suggestions you have to make us better serve you and your four legged family members.
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